1 Year Hairdressing, Barbering & Colouring
ITEC Level 2 Diploma

Specialist 1 year hairdressing and barbering course for film, TV, stage and fashion

Next course: 2019 – 2020

Start date: 30 September 2019

1 Year Hairdressing, Barbering & Colouring
ITEC Level 2 Diploma

Specialist 1 year hairdressing and barbering course for film, TV, stage and fashion

Next course: 2019 – 2020

Start date: 30 September 2019

Training in every Aspect of Hair Care and Styling

Our 1 Year Hairdressing and Barbering Course is taught by Toni & Guy trained tutors so our students graduate with enough skills and knowledge to start work as stylists in hair salons.

Properly trained hair artists are highly sought-after in the industry. For the committed make-up artist working in film and TV, our 1 Year Hairdressing and Barbering Course is a chance to really develop extra skills. With Brushstroke’s expertise and support you will enter the world of entertainment as a versatile, professionally-trained artist, able to do both jobs. So, your career prospects will improve whichever way you decide to take your career.

Our 1 Year Hairdressing and Barbering Course is also an ideal extension to our 2 year and 9 month make-up training, thereby developing your skills even more.

Course Content

This is an in-depth 1 Year Hairdressing and Barbering Course for students really wanting specialist hair styling skills. Take a look at the syllabus:

Client Consultation Skills

We start with the all-important ability to put your client at ease so you can get to work as quickly as possible. This means getting to know your client and any issues they may have because you want to achieve the best results every time. We also include data protection in this part of the course.

Hair & Scalp Fundamentals

The more you understand about hair and the scalp generally, the more success you’ll have as a stylist. For this reason we teach you the basics about treating hair and scalp conditions, and selecting and applying the right products. We also train you in massage techniques.

Cutting & Styling Hair

You’ll be working on women’s and men’s hair both long and short. You’ll be taught specialised layering and graduation techniques, etc. Understanding neck lines, male patterns of baldness and the factors that influence choice of styling is also included.

Hair Treatment

This part of the 1 Year Hair and Barbering Course focuses on colouring and lightening, perming and neutralising. We help you get used to the tools, equipment and products, as well as the skills and techniques you need as a hair stylist.

Facial Hair Techniques

Looking at the texture, density, length and growth pattern of facial hair is the focus of this session. Also, you’ll be taught about face shapes and outlines in order to apply contemporary and traditional looks successfully.

The Art of Dressing Hair

This session is all about perfecting the techniques of setting and dressing all types and lengths of hair – and it really is an ‘art’. Naturally this includes developing a familiarity with the tools, equipment and products. We also help you manage the challenges that your working  environment will pose, such as the effects of weather on hair.

Course Dates

30 September 2019 – 9 July 2020


Course Checklist

Qualification: ITEC Level 2 Diploma in Hairdressing, Barbering and Colouring

Duration: 1 year full time

Times: Monday-Thursday, 10.30-16.00

Fee: £3,000 deposit followed by 2 payments of £3,000 (plus the relevant board of examiner’s fee)

Complementary equipment: Brushstroke Make-Up and Hair Kit

Study progression: 2 Year Make-Up and Hair (BTEC) or 9 Month Make-Up and Hair (ITEC)

If the 1 Year Hairdressing and Barbering Course isn’t for you, how about a combined make-up and hair course.

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