Professional Training At The Best Makeup School In London

Our history as makeup training professionals is an important part of our credibility.

 Widely regarded as the standard-setter, our professional training keeps pace with the industry to give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed.

Professional Training at At the Best Makeup School In London

Our history as make-up training professionals is an important part of our credibility

Widely regarded as the standard-setter, our professional training keeps pace with the industry to give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed.

Professional Training that Inspires and Motivates

We are well-known for our professional training. In fact, we do more than teach our students great skills, we also inspire and motivate them to succeed and reach their own individual potential. Over the years, we’ve trained many makeup artists now working all over the world in film, TV, stage and fashion. Cheraine Bell started Brushstroke nearly 30 years ago and you could say that we are now the standard-setter for proper, ‘industry-ready’ training. Our aim has always been to create the very best and most relevant makeup training courses and support our students throughout their makeup careers. Student’s must be willing to study from Shepperton Studios, Pinewood Studios or any other location that Brushstroke operates from. This may include the complete course, individual terms, modules, work experience and day trips. This ensures familiarity and experience of different working studio environments and locations.

2 Year Makeup and Hair Course (BTEC & ITEC Level 3 Diploma)

This 2 Year (Full Time) Make-Up & Hair Course will start your career as a properly trained artist in film, TV, stage and fashion.

Next Start:  30 September 2019

Times: Mon-Thurs (10:30 - 16:00)

7-Month Makeup and Hair Course (ITEC Level 3 Diploma)

An ITEC makeup course split into seven modules that can be taken as the full makeup course or individual modules.

Next Start:  21st September 2020

Times: Mon-Friday (10:30 - 16:00)

1 Year Hairdressing, Barbering (ITEC Level 2 Diploma)

Our 1 Year (Full Time) Hairdressing and Barbering Course taught by Toni & Guy trained tutors - giving you the skills to start work as stylists.

Next Start:  30 September 2019

Times: Mon-Thurs (10:30 - 16:00)

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What Makes Us The Best Makeup School In London?

There are several features that make up the Brushstroke Blueprint which helps to shape our professional training. Collectively, these features make us the #1 makeup school in London.

1. First Makeup School To Be Based In A Famous Film Studio

We were the first makeup and hair training company to be based within a film studio. We recognised the importance of enabling our students to study where some of the world’s most successful ‘box-office’ films were made. Films such as Orson Welles’ Third Man to Ridley Scott’s Alien and most recently, The Mummy with Tom Cruise.

2. Largest Makeup Training Facilities in the UK and Europe

Our airy and open training facilities comprise studios, workshops, and storerooms (for our 65,000 wigs). We also have a presence at Pinewood Studios.

3. Brushstroke Makeup and Hair Tutors are Specialists

Our tutors are highly sought-after artists in their own right. They inspire our students with their creative and technical skills and professional training. Many of our make-up tutors have international experience (and foreign language skills) which gives our students a wider view of the industry.

4. Focused Makeup and Hair Courses

Our carefully designed courses offer the most thorough and professional training in make-up and hair techniques for people of varying ages. We welcome youngsters leaving school, career and lifestyle changes and professional make-up artists already working in the industry.

5. Employment-Ready Training

Providing ’employment-ready training’ is very important to us. For this reason, our courses include business-focused classes. For example, managing tax, portfolio and CV development, as well as guidance on personal presentation and finding the right work. So, together with our training in make-up and hair skills, we give our students every chance to succeed when they leave Brushstroke because they are ready for the world of employment.

6. Contract Work and Placement Opportunities

Our students are regularly offered the chance to gain ‘real work’ experience. For example, one of our past students, Dani Haig, took advantage of the many offers of work she received during her training with Brushstroke (you can read about her experiences in our blog Starting out as a newly trained Make-Up Artist). Whilst we can’t guarantee this work, our make-up tutors regularly require assistants to work with them on their own projects, and they have a ready-made workforce inside Brushstroke! Such opportunities mean students can test their skills in proper productions and experience life as a real make-up artist. Please note that these opportunities represent the chance to work on authentic film, TV, stage or fashion productions – not workshops with specially created on-set conditions.

7. Life-Long Learning

Once you’ve qualified as a Brushstroke make-up artist, you can benefit from our Life-Long Learning. This is an opportunity to join any of our sessions for free and either refresh your skills or learn something new. After all, once a Brushstroke make-up artist, always a Brushstroke make-up artist!

This life-long connection to Brushstroke is particularly important to our BTEC and ITEC students who make a real commitment to their professional make-up careers. Once a student has completed one of our courses, we follow-up and offer further guidance to help them stay motivated and focused so they find the right jobs to suit their skills.


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