Working with Celebrities 

It helps if you’re a ‘make-up magician’ when you’re working with celebrities

The make-up and hair artist is the celebrity’s best friend, keeping them looking good in a way that plays to their strengths – that takes a skilled and well-trained artist.

Working with Celebrities on their Make-Up and Hair 

There’s so much more to working with celebrities as a make-up artist than glamour and getting them ready for the ‘red carpet’. Having a good and trusted make-up artist on their side is what really matters to people in the public eye. Thanks to social media celebrities – broadcaster, musician, actor, reality star – are never off duty. They don’t have to be in the studio to have a camera pointing at them so looking their best at all times is vital in case a picture goes viral. The make-up artist is the celebrity’s best friend, keeping them looking good and on-trend in a way that suits them and plays to their strengths. That kind of ability takes very broad skills in make-up and hair. And that calls for professional training at Brushstroke.

Planning a career as a versatile make-up artist trained to work in film, TV, stage and fashion will give you the greatest opportunity of working with celebrities. That’s why we’ve created our courses to give you the structured training you need to make a celebrity look good. We’ll prepare you for work on the red carpet but also on the set of their latest film or TV project. Brushstroke make-up and hair diploma courses will develop your skills and knowledge so you’re ready to make your clients look perfect on screen, whoever is behind the camera.

How to be a Make-Up Artist to the Stars

If it’s your aim to be a make-up artist working for celebrities (an actor or singer for example) then getting the very best training is undoubtedly a smart move. Before you can even hope of becoming an integral part of a performer’s life first get yourself a reputation for being an excellent make-up (and hair) artist on set supporting them with their ‘day job’.

Word of mouth is important in many industries but for something as personal and intimate as make-up, it’s vital. The photographer, the director, the head of make-up all have to respect you and your work before they’ll recommend you. For example, when a TV programme is up for an award, it’s often the trusted, regular on-set make-up artists who are invited to work for the nominees on the night.

Celebrities need to trust their make-up artist. They’re looking for solid skills:

  1. Agility and the ablility to turn your hand to very different looks at a moment’s notice.
  2. Interpreting people’s needs accurately.
  3. Having a passion for different make-up and hair styles – not just what’s trending.
  4. Being ready to transform everyone – whatever skin tone, hair type, age or gender.
  5. Understanding what suits people – taking into account skin tone, age, structure.

At Brushstroke we’ll get you started on creating your reputation as a trusted and intuitive make-up and hair artist – helping you flex your creative muscles, develop an eye for colour and understand how to construct exactly the right image.

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Spotlight on Celebrity Make-Up Skills 

The more you know about all aspects of make-up and hair, the more employable you will be both on and offset. At Brushstroke, we pay great attention to the kind of detailed training that we know is important to a commissioning agent or direct employer. For example, Brushstroke offers courses that focus on hair (such as our 1 Year Hairdressing and Barbering Course) because they are vital skills for all make-up artists. So if you are working with celebrities, you’ll be offering that all-important ‘whole look’ service.

These are the top 6 skills practised by personal make-up and hair artists – all of them taught thoroughly on Brushstroke courses.

  1. The ability to work from detailed instructions, as well as interpret ideas to create the desired look.
  2. Being skilled at styling hair – and working with wigs.
  3. Broad and varied make-up skills and technical ability – including period and contemporary styling.
  4. Having creative flair combined with a strong sense of colour.
  5. Interacting effectively with people – the director, production professionals (including other make-up artists) and, of course, performers (musicians, actors, models, etc).
  6. Undertaking background research for individual projects. This will help you develop an invaluable bank of knowledge and build your reputation for thoroughness.

What next for the Budding Celebrity Make-Up Artist?

Your next step to becoming a make-up artist working for celebrities is to find out more about our courses at Brushstroke. We offer the very best training in all aspects of make-up and hair, preparing you for an incredibly varied career – whether on or off-screen.

Whether you are a school leaver or career changer, there’s a course to suit you as an individual. You’ll graduate from Brushstroke with a recognised diploma AND the level of skills that future employers need.

You’ll find lots of colleges and academies promoting make-up and beauty courses but they may not offer the considered and comprehensive training you’ll receive at Brushstroke – such as our 2 Year Make-Up and Hair Course. When you are starting out on your career, you need to build a reputation – as a talented, multi-skilled, trustworthy and approachable make-up and hair artist. Then, wherever your interests might lie, you’ll have all the training and background you need to make a go of it.

Take a look at our make-up tutors and you’ll find celebrity performers mentioned in so many of their biographies.

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Makeup and Hair Diploma Courses


2 Year
Makeup & Hair

BTEC Level 3 Diploma

Our most thorough training to prepare you for a career as an artist in TV, film, stage and fashion.


7 Month
MakeUp & Hair

ITEC Level 3 Diploma

The ideal course for those wanting to change career or work round family commitments.


1 Year
Haird & Barbering 

VTCT Level 2 Diploma

An intensive course taught by Toni & Guy trained tutors to complete your training as a versatile artist.

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HND Level 5 Diploma

Performing Arts- Make-up

This course is an optional 1-year extension of the 2-Year BTEC Make-up & Hair Course.

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