Working in Fashion as a Make-Up Artist

For the skilled make-up artist, working in fashion can offer variety and excitement

From fashion shows to photoshoots, your achievements could be appearing live, online, in video or in print. Proper training with Brushstroke is your first step to working in fashion as a make-up artist.

Fashion Make-Up Training for the Catwalk

Your role as a make-up artist working in fashion (sometimes called ‘editorial’), is key to helping your clients achieve their vision. Whether they are a director, designer, video-maker or photographer, your client wants a make-up artist who is versatile and resourceful. Being trained in a broad range of skills is vital, therefore. With Brushstroke training, you can go beyond being a beautician and doing your friends’ make-up, to working in the fashion world for real.

We’ve created our courses to give you the best foundation for working on photoshoots, fashion shows or video production. Brushstroke diploma courses will develop your skills and knowledge particularly if the brief calls for original and inspired imagery.

How to be a Fashion-Focused Make-Up Artist

If working in fashion exclusively as a make-up artist is your aim, then getting the very best professional training must be your first step. It’s a highly pressured environment so having confidence and being able to prove how good you are at your trade will kick-start your reputation as a highly sought-after professional. Working in fashion calls for speed and serious versatility which is why Brushstroke training includes styling hair and working with hairpieces.

Working in Fashion means being part of the Show

Fashion is as much about performance as film and TV. As a make-up artist working in fashion, you are helping to bring a designer’s show to life or take a photoshoot to a higher level. Your diary could show you working on a corporate headshot one day followed by an outdoor bridal shoot or music video the next. Then maybe a complete change, such as a sci-fi inspired fashion show with 30 outfit changes for 10 male and female models.

Word of mouth is important in many industries but for something as personal and intimate as a make-up artist, it’s vital. The very best fashion make-up artists support their clients by casting a critical, strategic eye over the complete project. So if the photographer, the fashion designer, the ad agency trust you and respect how you work, they’ll talk about you.

Many of our make-up artist tutors are fashion specialists so you’ll usually find Brushstroke people (including students) working on the various fashion weeks in London and around the world.

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What Skills do you need as a Fashion Make-Up Artist?

The more you know about all aspects of make-up and hair, the better. You’ll be more employable and it’ll be easier to specialise in fashion or photoshoots should you wish. Our years of experience in the wider performance industry means our training is focused. We know what it really takes to be a make-up artist. For example, we feature hairstyling and wig skills across our syllabus because we know that the combined make-up and hair artist is so highly prized.

We make sure that our students really get to know what works on camera.  Give a Brushstroke-trained make-up artist 10 faces to work on and they’ll approach each one independently bringing out its unique features. They understand the type of products to use and the tricks necessary for shaping and contouring a face. Their knowledge of colour science enables them to compensate for the different types of lighting that can make a client appear washed out or too harsh. Most of all they are practised at getting it right the first time to reduce the need for retouching at the post-production stage.

Brushstroke’s Core Make-Up Training for working in Fashion

Our core make-up training for working in fashion is based on those sought by fashion designers, photographers and art directors:

  1. Calming manner – so the models perform at their best.
  2. Organised – with the clean kit and the right materials (it can get frantic working in fashion).
  3. Creative – produce a seemingly infinite number of looks.
  4. Transforming – anyone and everyone, whatever skin tone, hair type, age or gender.
  5. Hair stylist – real hair, wigs and extensions (because sometimes hair will make or break a fashion project).

Brushstroke training looks at your whole career as a make-up and hair artist. On both our diploma courses and short courses students pay great attention to fashion-related studies within a broader make-up and hair syllabus. We hone your technical skills and springboard your career as a trusted artist with a reputation for versatility whether the need is for eye startling creativity or the ‘barely there look for a CEO. Brushstroke training makes you invaluable.

Brushstroke has a number of fashion-focused make-up tutors working across our courses.

Next Steps to working in Fashion as a Make-Up Artist

Your next step to working in fashion as a make-up artist is to find out more about our courses at Brushstroke. We offer the very best training in all aspects of make-up and hair, preparing you for a varied career. So, even if working in fashion is your aim, you’ll be trained to work anywhere in the entertainment industry.

There are lots of colleges and academies running make-up and beauty courses. However, they may not offer the professional training that really prepares you for working as a professional make-up artist. When you are starting out on your career, you need a solid foundation upon which to build your reputation. We help you start your career as a multi-skilled and trustworthy make-up artist – working in fashion if you wish. Wherever your interests might lie, the people behind Brushstroke make-up training make sure you have everything you need to make a go of it as a professional artist.

Girl with Hair Tied in Balls
Fashion Model Posing with Hand on Chin
Girl Wearing Military Hat and UK Flag on Lips
Fashion Model at Brushstroke Makeup School

Makeup and Hair Diploma Courses

2 Year Makeup and Hair Course

2 Year
Makeup & Hair

BTEC Level 3 Diploma

Our most thorough training to prepare you for a career as an artist in TV, film, stage and fashion.

7 Month Makeup and Hair Course

7 Month
MakeUp & Hair

ITEC Level 3 Diploma

The ideal course for those wanting to change career or work round family commitments.

1 Year Hair and Barbering Course

1 Year
Hair & Barbering 

VTCT Level 2 Diploma

An intensive course taught by Toni & Guy trained tutors to complete your training as a versatile artist.

HND level 5 Diploma

HND Level 5 Diploma

Performing Arts- Make-up

This course is an optional 1-year extension of the 2-Year BTEC Make-up & Hair Course.

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Leaving School and Starting Makeup

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