2 Year Makeup & Hair Diploma Course (BTEC & ITEC Level 3)

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Private Training Academy

Based at the famous Longcross and Elstree studios

Recommended for ages 16+ as a continuation of education from school, college or university. 

We are showing prospective students around for enrolment on our 2 Year BTEC ITEC Diploma Course starting 26th September at Elstree Studios and 3rd October 2022 at Longcross Studios. 

For a prospectus or to book a visit call: +44 (0) 1344 635 522

The Most Comprehensive Makeup & Hair Course in the UK

If you are looking for the best possible make-up artistry course, Brushstroke’s 2-year Make-up and Hair: BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Production Arts (Make-up) is it.

This is a 100% industry-relevant course for those seeking to enter the profession as a properly trained make-up and hair artist for film, TV, stage, and fashion.

Taught over a duration of 6 terms, the 2-year BTEC is the most in-depth and comprehensive of our courses. You will learn an excellent balance of subjects some which include period make-up and hair from over the decades, special effects make-up and prosthetics, stage make-up, making and apply facial hair and wigs, airbrushing, haircutting and styling, bridal, afro hair styling, fashion and photographic make-up and hair. 

This full-time course is recommended for ages 16+ as a continuation of education from school, college, or university and covers more hours of practical training in comparison to other courses of a similar nature. BTEC syllabus requires students to be continually assessed throughout the course and you will be required to complete a range of practical assessments and coursework on a term-by-term basis. Although the students will receive an extremely credible BTEC national qualification, it is secondary to the comprehensive training that the students will receive at Brushstroke. It also differs completely from college and university courses allowing students to confidently and successfully work within the industry.

Being situated at both Longcross Film Studios and Elstree Studios you can study at your chosen studio and the Brushstroke after-care support will always be offered to you at either of our locations. This ensures familiarity and experience of different working studio environments. 

 At the beginning of the course, you will be given a complimentary professional make-up and hair kit which contains the essential products and equipment to get you started.  There is also an Additional Equipment list (heated rollers, training heads, etc) that you will be required to purchase separately. Thereafter, all necessary consumables, products, and equipment will be supplied.

 Students studying on this two-year course also have the option to work towards their ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Fashion, Theatre, and Media Make-up.

On successful completion of this course, students may wish to progress on to the 1-year Women’s and Men’s Hairdressing Course: VTCT Level 2 Diploma or the 1-year Level 5 Higher National Diploma (HND) in Make-up and Hair.

BTEC Nationals: Level 3 Diploma

BTEC Nationals are the equivalent to A Levels and are the most widely recognised qualification for admission to higher education.

BTECs have the highest rates of learner progression as a vocational qualification. (Source: Department for Business, Innovation & Skills report on Social Mobility: Contribution of Further Education and Skills).

The 2-year Make-up and Hair Course comes under the category of Production Arts (Make-Up).


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Brushstroke Entry Requirements

We are looking for students with a real desire and commitment to learn and achieve the highest standards in make-up and hair artistry.

Students wishing to enroll on the 2-year BTEC Make-up and Hair course must be aged 16+ and have attended an interview. Previous experience is not a requirement as you will start with the basics.


Aftercare and Ongoing Support

Ongoing support is provided to all our graduates, which enables them to refresh skills on any of our sessions at no additional charge from our south or north London studio locations.

Students with authorised absence from the course for personal reasons or work experience though Brushstroke, have the ability to re-join at a later stage to complete any subjects missed. 

This life-long connection to Brushstroke is particularly important to our BTEC and ITEC students who make a real commitment to developing their professional make-up and hair careers. Once a student has completed one of these courses, we follow-up and offer further guidance to help them stay motivated and focused on finding the right job to suit their skills. After all, once a Brushstroke make-up artist, always a Brushstroke make-up artist!


 2-Year Make-up & Hair Course Syllabus: BTEC level 3 Diploma in Production Arts (Make-up)


Below are the BTEC units and terms for our 2- Year BTEC Level 3 Diploma Course. Please note that the order of the terms can be subject to change or courses combined. 

Terms BTEC Units
Term 1:
Make-up for Film, TV and Theatre
Unit 92: Make-up for Performers
Unit 97: Period makeup Design
Term 2:
Hair Styling for Film, TV and Theatre
Unit 99: Period Hair Design and Wig Making for Performers
Unit 100: Hair Styling and Dressing for Performers
Term 3:
Make-up and Hair for Film, TV & Theatre
Unit 93: Make-up Application Skills and Creative Uses in Performance
Unit 98: Fantasy Hair Design for Performers
Term 4:
Advanced Fashion Make-up & Hair
Unit 2: Production Arts Workshop
Unit 86: Mask making in the performing arts
Term 5:
Hairdressing and Barbering, Hair Extensions, Airbrushing and Business
Unit 6: Production Arts Planning
Unit 8: Production for Theatre Performance
Term 6:
Advanced SFX Make-up and Prosthetics
Unit 95: Special Effects Make-up
Unit 96: Make-up using Prosthetics


Term 1: Make-Up for Film, TV, and Theatre

  • Health & Safety and hygiene practices in the make-up room 
  • Studio Etiquette and Professionalism 
  • Anatomy and skincare
  • Product, tools, and equipment knowledge
  • Basic and contemporary make-up techniques for all aspects of film, television, and theatre
  • Period Make-up- focusing on a variety of iconic looks throughout the ages 
  • Simple Make-up Special Effects 
  • Make-up for supporting artists and crowd room scenes 
  • Timed and fast track make-up
  • Practical assessments for BTEC units 92 and 97

Term 2: Hair Styling for Film, TV and Theatre

  • Health & Safety, electrical hair appliances for hairdressing 
  • Product, tools and equipment knowledge
  • Working with real hair lace and acrylic wigs and hairpieces from our wig department
  • Basic hairstyling techniques using real hair, training heads and wigs
  • Period Hairstyling- focusing on a variety of iconic looks throughout the ages using real hair, training heads and a range of wigs and hairpieces 
  • Men’s grooming for film, TV, stage and fashion
  • Wig knotting skills: students will learn how to knot a piece of facial hair, apply and dress a moustache, measure for wig fittings and create cling film head wraps
  • Practical assessments for BTEC units 99 and 100

Term 3: Make-up and Hair for Film, TV, and Theatre

During this term, students combine their make-up and hair skills previously learned on terms 1 and 2. 

  • Combined contemporary make-up and hair looks for all aspects of film, TV, and theatre 
  • Combined period make-up and hair looks for film and TV
  • SFX make-up- using a range of products and techniques to create realistic individual casualties, larger wounds, and effects 
  • Fantasy Hair 
  • Afro and Multitextured hairstyling 
  • Practical assessments for BTEC units 93 and 98
7 Month Makeup Course - 800x800
Make-up and Hair for Film, TV, and Theatre
Period Makeup
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Term 4: Advanced Fashion Make-up and Hair

  • Advanced make-up and hair techniques working with different eye shapes and bone structures 
  • Contemporary stylised period make-up and hair techniques
  • Session styling and advanced hair styling techniques
  • Smokey eyes: working with different shapes and colours
  • Make-up for upcoming seasons and the latest fashion trends
  • Bridal make-up- classic and contemporary for photographic and catwalk shows
  • Red carpet and celebrity make-up
  • Glamour make-up for photographic, editorial, and catwalk
  • Bronzed sun-kissed make-up looks
  • Androgynous looks
  • Matte, gloss, and wet make-up
  • Neon make-up for use under UV light
  • Avant-garde make-up
  • Metallic make-up
  • Futuristic make-up
  • Working with gold and silver leaf
  • Working with diamantes and feathers
  • Male make-up and grooming
  • Tattoos: creating and covering
  • Photoshoot/Personal fashion portfolio development: Students have the opportunity to work with a professional photographer however please note, this is optional and an additional charge
  • Practical assessments for BTEC units 2 and 86

Term 5: Hairdressing and Barbering / Airbrushing / Hair extensions

Essential Hairdressing and Barbering Skills

  • Product, tools and equipment knowledge
  • Terminology, geometry, methodology
  • Demonstrations and Workshops on live models 
  • Basic cutting skills for ladies with long and short hair
  • Basic barbering using thinning scissors, clippers and trimmers
  • Blow-drying and finishing techniques

    Hair Extension Techniques

    • Applying hair extensions using various modern methods and techniques
    • Afro Hairstyle Techniques

    Airbrushing and Editorial Techniques

    • Maintenance and cleaning of compressor and spray brush 
    • Spray brush control and technique including full make-up application
    • Colour matching, highlighting, contouring, concealing, and correcting
    • Creative airbrushing

    Practical assessments for BTEC units 6 and 8

    Term 6: Advanced SFX Make-Up and Prosthetics

    • Advanced SFX make-up techniques using a range of specialist products
    • Lifecasting
    • Sculpting
    • Gelatine, foam and/or silicone runs and Pro Bondo 
    • Art Finishing 
    • Preparing moulds and working with flat moulds 
    • Bald caps: making, colouring, application and removal (including pre-made)
    • Application and removal of prosthetic pieces for 3D character make-up
    • Practical assessments for BTEC units 95 and 96
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    Course Fees


    Deposit: £3,000

    Fees: Deposit + 6 termly payments of £4,000

     Makeup Kit Included

    * deposit is part of the total fee


    Qualification: BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Production Arts (Make-Up) + Optional ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Fashion, Theatre and Media Makeup.

    Duration: 2 years full time

    Course Dates Longcross Studios:

    3 October 2022 to 11 July 2024

    2 October 2023 to 10 July 2025

    Course Dates Elstree Studios:

    26 September 2022 to 4 July 2024

    25 September 2023 to 3 July 2025

    Times: Monday to Thursday 10.30am to 16.00 

    Fees: Deposit £3,000 followed by 6 termly payments of £4,000.

    Interest free payment plans are available on all our full time BTEC and ITEC courses.

    You will NOT be required to pay the full fees before the start of the course.

    A deposit is required to secure your place, followed by the remaining balance divided into termly payments or instalments spread over the duration of the course. 

    Methods of payment: Bacs, cheque, bankers draft and debit/credit card

    Complementary equipment: Brushstroke Make-Up and Hair Kit

    Study Progression: 1 Year Hairdressing, Barbering and Colouring (VTCT) or 1 Year HND Level 5 Diploma. 

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    Prosthetic Makeup Courses - 600x800 (15)

    Skills Learnt on the Course

    Media Makeup and Hair

    During the first year we teach you the most important makeup skills that are expected within the industry, starting with sessions of anatomy and skin care and moving on to basic tv presenter make ups. You’ll also study essential hairstyling techniques, wig dressing, fitting plus wig making. We’ll teach you ways to achieve various period makeup and hair work suitable for period drama.

    Airbrushing and Editorial Techniques

    Airbrushing and the application of full make-up takes great skill so we take the time on the 2 Year Make-Up & Hair Course to teach our students a variety of techniques for editorial work. For example, spray brush control, colour matching, highlighting and contouring are on the timetable along with equipment cleaning and maintenance.

    Advanced Fashion Makeup

    We spend time on the 2 Year makeup artistry course helping you sharpen your makeup and hair skills to create advanced high fashion looks for men and women. You’ll be focusing on creating looks and effects for photographic, editorial, catwalk and celebrity work. This part of the course will prepare you for projects ranging from stylised period and glamour to futuristic and avant garde

    Special Effects Makeup & Prosthetics

    As a student on the the 2 Year Make-Up & Hair Course, you’ll learn some exciting and impressive special effects make-up techniques. Using a range of specialist products, flat moulds and bald caps you’ll create different effects such as wounds and injuries. The prosthetics sessions will introduce you to life casting, sculpting and moulding to create 3D characters.

    Hair styling and Extensions

    The versatile makeup artist should also be a skilled hair stylist which is why our students spend valuable time on this topic. We teach key skills from hair cutting and barbering to styling, finishing and applying all current variations of hair extensions. This means you’ll understand shape and form, as well as the correct use of different products, tools and equipment.

    Business Skills

    Our students get tips and advice to help them master the business side of their careers as make-up artists. So, for example, we teach them about continuity, schedules, script break-downs and studio etiquette. We also help them with their own business issues such as insurance and accounts, as well as self-promotion and how to create an excellent portfolio.

    Makeup and Hair Diploma Courses

    1 Year Hairdressing, Barbering & Colouring VTCT Level 2 Diploma

    HND Level 5 Diploma: Performing Arts- Make-up

    7 Month Makeup & Hair Course (ITEC Level 3 Diploma)

    6 Month ITEC Makeup & Hair Course for International Students Only