Changing Career?

How about retraining as a make-up artist and working in film and TV?

Brushstroke training offers the kind of reassurance you need when you’re changing your career.

Make-up Training could hold the Key to you changing Career

Changing career and working in film and TV is a real possibility. We help people do it all the time, training them to become professional make-up artists ready to work behind the scenes on an incredible range of projects and productions. If you enjoy working with people and your communication skills are good, then becoming a make-up artist would seem a natural choice.

Professional Training is the Reassurance you need

Whatever stage you’ve reached in your life Brushstroke can help you take the right step in changing your career to work as a make-up artist in film, TV, stage, or fashion. Like many industries, it’s very competitive so being properly trained and prepared for the various make-up artist roles is really important. That’s why we take such great care in providing the most up-to-date and relevant training. We’re based at Longcross and Elstree Studios so straight away you’re working in the right environment. As one of our past students, Hannah Lonergan, says making a career change from science technician to a make-up artist was the best decision she made.

New ‘Hacks’ and Contemporary Skills

Most importantly, our training syllabus is creative and practical so as a student you get a proper understanding of life as a make-up artist in film, TV, and fashion. Having been established as a professional training provider for a good length of time, we know the industry well and have links with the right people. Consequently, our training courses are relevant and up to date to give you get the greatest chances of employment as a make-up artist. We make sure you learn the basics of the profession as well as new ‘hacks’ and contemporary skills. You’ll be working extensively with hair and wigs and using the right equipment, products, and materials.

Curious about changing Career?

If you’re curious about becoming a make-up artist we’d like to help you investigate further. Maybe a family member is already in the business – or a friend has signed up for a course. Whatever your situation, we can help you decide on your next step.

Brushstroke Training Benefits

The whole Brushstroke philosophy is built around providing relevant and career-building training. We’ve broken this down into 6 key benefits for students training at Brushstroke, whether you wish to pursue a career in film, TV, stage or fashion:

  1. Our purpose-built make-up training facilities within Longcross and Elstree film studios.
  2. Access to thorough, relevant and industry-ready skills and knowledge.
  3. Hands-on practical training from working make-up artists, all specialists in their subject area.
  4. Opportunities for on-set work experience and employment.
  5. Familiarity with relevant products, equipment and techniques.
  6. Preparation for self-employment as a make-up artist.

Naturally, the longer the training the more time you have to practice the skills and techniques you need to succeed as a make-up artist. Take a look at our BTEC, ITEC, VTCT & HND diploma courses, for example.


Working in fashion as a make-up artist includes shows, photoshoots, online and in print.


SFX Prosthetics

Wounds, scars, bald caps and prosthetics – welcome to the world of special effects make-up.


Film, TV & Stage

There are endless options for makeup artists working in film and TV, from Sci-fi movie sets, to West End shows and soaps.


Working With Celebrities

Working with celebrities means keeping their makeup and hair looking as it should – on and off-set.