2 Year Makeup & Hair Diploma Course (BTEC & ITEC Level 3)

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Private Training Academy

Based at the famous Longcross and Elstree studios

Start your career as a properly trained artist in film, TV, stage, and fashion.

Enrolling now for Longcross Studios 4th October 2021 and Elstree Studios 27th September 2021

About the Course

Brushstroke’s 2 Year Makeup and Hair Course (BTEC, Level 3 Diploma) is based close to London at the iconic Longcross Film Studios and Elstree Film & TV Studios. Working in collaboration with the BBC encouraging diversity within the make-up television industry through a training scheme, this BAFTA scholarship eligible course is thorough training for film, TV, stage, and fashion. Over a period of just 6 terms, the course offers in-depth training from both studios in subjects ranging from HD TV and fashion to sculptural prosthetics. Students must be able and willing to study the whole course or individual terms from either of our studio locations. 

You can be sure that this 2 Year BTEC Makeup and Hair Course is completely relevant for the entertainment industry. So if you want to enter the profession properly trained and eligible for the variety of make-up artist roles, this is the course for you.

If you’re looking to continue your studies, our 1 Year ITEC Hairdressing and Barbering Course is an ideal extension to this course. It will take you into the 3rd year of training, developing your skills, and increasing your employment chances even more.

With these fully rounded skills as a makeup artist, you will move confidently from individual performers to crowd scenes, from period to contemporary looks.

2 year BTEC & ITEC course.
Fee: £13.000 per year
Deposit: £4,000
Instalments:  5 x £4,400
Makeup kit included.


Longcross Studios Term Dates

2 Year BTEC Make-up and Hair Course: 2019 to 2021

Year 2
Autumn Term: 1 September 2020 to 17 December 2020
Spring Term: 4 January 2021 to 1 April 2021
Summer Term: 12 April 2021 to 26 August 2021

2 Year BTEC Make-up and Hair Course: 2020 to 2022

Start Date: 30th November 2020

Year 1
Autumn Term: 30 November 2020 to 17 December 2020
Spring Term: 4 January 2020 to 25 March 2021
Summer Term: 12 April 2021 to 29 July 2021

Year 2
Autumn Term: 6 September 2021 to 16 December 2021
Spring Term: 10 January 2022 to 7 April 2022
Summer Term: 25 April 2022 to 14 July 2022

2 Year BTEC Make-up and Hair Course: 2021 to 2023

Start Date: 4th October 2021

Year 1
Autumn Term: 4 October 2021 to 16 December 2021
Spring Term: 10 January 2022 to 7 April 2022
Summer Term: 25 April 2022 to 14 July 2022

Year 2
Autumn Term: 26 September 2022 to 15 December 2022
Spring Term: 9 January 2023 to 30 March 2023
Summer Term: 17 April 2023 to 6 July 2023

Elstree Studios Term Dates

2 Year BTEC Make-up and Hair Course: 2021 to 2023

Start Date: 27th September 2021

Year 1
Term 1: 27 September 2021 to 16 December 2021
Term 2: 10 January 2022 to 7 April 2022
Term 3: 25 April 2022 to 07 July 2022

Year 2
Term 4: 26 September 2022 to 15 December 2022
Term 5: 09 January 2023 to 30 March 2023
Term 6: 17 April 2023 to 06 July 2023

Please note: We will be closed on all bank holidays and in the event of extreme weather conditions.

Skills Learnt on the Course

Media Makeup and Hair

During the first year we teach you the most important makeup skills that are expected within the industry, starting with sessions of anatomy and skin care and moving on to basic tv presenter make ups. You’ll also study essential hairstyling techniques, wig dressing, fitting plus wig making. We’ll teach you ways to achieve various period makeup and hair work suitable for period drama.

Airbrushing and Editorial Techniques

Airbrushing and the application of full make-up takes great skill so we take the time on the 2 Year Make-Up & Hair Course to teach our students a variety of techniques for editorial work. For example, spray brush control, colour matching, highlighting and contouring are on the timetable along with equipment cleaning and maintenance.

Advanced Fashion Makeup

We spend time on the 2 Year Makeup & Hair Course helping you sharpen your makeup and hair skills to create advanced high fashion looks for men and women. You’ll be focusing on creating looks and effects for photographic, editorial, catwalk and celebrity work. This part of the course will prepare you for projects ranging from stylised period and glamour to futuristic and avant garde

Special Effects Makeup & Prosthetics

As a student on the the 2 Year Make-Up & Hair Course, you’ll learn some exciting and impressive special effects make-up techniques. Using a range of specialist products, flat moulds and bald caps you’ll create different effects such as wounds and injuries. The prosthetics sessions will introduce you to life casting, sculpting and moulding to create 3D characters.

Hair styling and Extensions

The versatile makeup artist should also be a skilled hair stylist which is why our students spend valuable time on this topic. We teach key skills from hair cutting and barbering to styling, finishing and applying all current variations of hair extensions. This means you’ll understand shape and form, as well as the correct use of different products, tools and equipment.

Business Skills

Our students get tips and advice to help them master the business side of their careers as make-up artists. So, for example, we teach them about continuity, schedules, script break-downs and studio etiquette. We also help them with their own business issues such as insurance and accounts, as well as self-promotion and how to create an excellent portfolio.


Course Fees


Fees: £13,000 per year

(Deposit + 5 payments of £4,400)

Deposit: £4,000

* Makeup Kit Included



Qualification: BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Production Arts (Make-Up) + Optional ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Fashion, Theatre and Media Makeup.

Duration: 2 years full time

Course Dates Longcross Studios: 04th October 2021 to 13th July 2023.

Course Dates Elstree Studios: 27th September 2021 to 6th July 2023

Times: Monday-Thursday, 10.30-16.00

Fees: £4,000 (deposit) followed by 5 payments of £4,400, plus the relevant board of examiner’s fee. We are accepting a 50% deposit for our 2021 courses.

Methods of payment: Bacs, cheque, bankers draft and debit/credit card

Complementary equipment: Brushstroke Make-Up and Hair Kit

Study progression: 1 Year Hairdressing, Barbering and Colouring (VTCT) and 2 Month Barbering (VTCT)


7 Month Makeup & Hair Course (ITEC Level 3 Diploma)

1 Year Hairdressing, Barbering & Colouring VTCT Level 2 Diploma