HNC (Higher National Certificate) Level 4: Performing Arts (Technical Arts) Optional- can only be studied alongside the

2-Year Make up & Hair BTEC

Level 3 Diploma Course

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3 - Day Special Effects Taster Course

Elstree 5-7 August 2024

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What is the HNC Qualification Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Performing Arts (Technical Arts)?

For those wishing to study the HNC Qualification, you would need to enrol by the end of your first term on the 2-year BTEC Course.

The 2-year BTEC Diploma Level 3 course will give you the knowledge, practical experience, and confidence to pursue a career in the make-up industry as a professional make-up artist for Theatre, Fashion, Television and Film.

If you decide to work towards the HNC Qualification during the 2-Year BTEC Course this will further the technical skills required to work as a specialist hair and makeup artist, a special effects makeup artist, or a wig or makeup designer.

Full time practical training within a film studio

HNC Level 4 Makeup Course
HNC Hair Period Makeup
HNC Hair Period Makeup
HNC Makeup - Girl working with Wig

Entry Requirements

Students must be working towards their BTEC Level 3 Qualification to be able to enrol on the Level 4 HNC.

During the first term students who have expressed an interest in the HNC Level 4 will have a tutorial where you will need to show a willingness to be committed to carrying out further in-depth research in design, hair and make-up, production arts, production theory, industry knowledge, and business skills.

Subjects covered on the 2-year BTEC Level 3 Diploma course are second to none and tailored to industry requirements. The HNC Qualification is optional although students need to be very motivated to be able to produce extra in-depth research in their own time as well as extra study days in addition to our 2-Year BTEC Course hours. If you haven’t got the motivation or academic ability to do extra research, then we suggest you do not enrol on the HNC Qualification and continue working towards the 2-year BTEC Level 3 Diploma Course as this will still provide you with proper training and is a 100% industry relevant course. We have a very high success rate with our graduates. See students’ achievements.

Module/ Unit Information

The 2-Year BTEC Diploma Course content is regularly reviewed to reflect changes in the industry. For those who wish to successfully complete the HNC (alongside their 2-Year BTEC), they will require the accumulation of 120 credits from the modules studied. HNC modules include:

Girl in black near makeup chair HNC
Girl in denim working on wig HNC
HNC Makeup - Girl working with Wig

General Pathway

UnitName of UnitCredits
Unit 1The Performing Arts Industry15 credits
Unit 2Professional Development15 credits
Unit 21Production Communication15 credits
Unit 10Investigation of Specialism
15 credits
Unit 25SFX 115 credits
Unit 28Hair and Makeup Application15 credits
Unit 30Fashion and Fashion Editorial Hair and Makeup
15 credits
Unit 31Period Hair and Makeup15 credits
HNC Makeup - Girl working with Wig
HNC Blonde Wig Makeup and Hair Dressing

Educational Aims of the Programme

If you decided to take the HNC Level 4 programme within the 2-Year BTEC Level 3 Diploma Course, this HNC programme provides students with further integrated knowledge of Hair and Make-up within the TV, Film, Theatre and Fashion Industries.
The broad aims of the programme are as follows:


  • To provide a higher education foundation for a range of creative hair and makeup artists within the various sectors of the industry.
  • To provide specialist studies in areas of Hair and Makeup design in which
    students intend to seek their own employment.
  • To provide flexibility, up-to-date knowledge, techniques and skills as well as motivation as a basis for future studies and career development.
  • Special emphasis is placed on the individual to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in professional working life.
  • During your 2-year course, you will be taught by active makeup artists within the industry and assessors whose expertise and knowledge are matched to the content of the modules on the HNC Level 4 course.

Self Study Time – Out of Course Hours

Your self-study will involve reading, working on individual and group projects, undertaking research in the library, preparing coursework assignments and preparing for assessments.


Assessment methods include a range of coursework such as essays, reports and
portfolios, overall performance and your final project.

  • Assessment is continuous throughout the academic year and is in the form of photographic work, blogs and research.
  • All grades from formal assessments during your 2-year training count towards your HNC module mark.
  • All assessments are spread across the 2 years to make the workload manageable. The coursework will be based on portfolio work.

Further Qualifications

After successfully completing your BTEC Level 3 and HNC Level 4 it is optional for you to continue to work toward your HND Level 5. Please see further details:

  • Award: Edexcel Pearson Higher National Certificate in Performing Arts (Technical
    Arts) RQF Make-up and Hair
  • Awarding body: Edexcel Pearson
  • Course duration: 2 years taken concurrently with the BTEC Level 3 Diploma Course including additional Fridays.
  • Fees: £4,000, additional HNC Qualification fee. This can be paid over the duration of your remaining BTEC Level 3 termly payments.
  • Course leader:  Anita Perrett 

2 Year Makeup & Hair Diploma Course
BTEC & ITEC Level 3

(HNC Level 4 Optional)



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